Star Stable Cheats


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FREE Unlimited Star Coins For Star Stable

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star stable cheats

Well, I do like it, but it is only available for Windows, and it says you can jump your horse, giving the newbies no idea that you have to pay to get to higher levels and to jump. Also, I am very very annoyed that you can only buy horses with Star Coins, which is very hard to get, unless there is a Star Rider weekend, which star stable cheats comes around during the holidays normally, but then you only get 100 Star Coins, and not even close to enough to buy a Friesian horse or a Arabian horse. I have recently quit playing, for I have finished the last level for ‘non subs’, and a sign keeps popping up saying ‘I should get a membership to continue the fun’.

I play star stable. when I do, it gives bugs to my computer. And you have to pay real live money in order to continue the game. unless you become a life time star rider, its sort of boring. star stable star rider cheat I also have friends who’ve gotten bored of it. Also if you become a star rider, the quests NEVER END. EVER! That’s what one of my friends told my when she became a star rider.

Reading through the comments I noticed someone saying they are 10 and their mum thinks they are too old to play now. Well, I am an adult and star stable cheats even I enjoy playing the game together with my 2 daughters. So I say, as long as you are enjoying the game, you are NOT too old for it.

It’s sad to read that support is not doing their job right. The game is relatively new, so I have hopes they will get that sorted out. The last thing developers seem to think about is that they will need good support if they want to keep their players. Well that’s just my 2 cents. Happy Gaming all!